6 Amazing facts you should know about the Reverse Flash…

When we talk about ‘Destined to do this forever’ regarding some superhero stuff, some special rivals come to our mind. It doesn’t sounds strange when we talk about The Batman-Joker Chemistry or that of The Flash-Reverse Flash.

Reverse Flash has always been an iconic character in the Comics as well as in CW The Flash TV series.

Here’s some interesting facts you should know about Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash.

#1. Reverse Flash is Professor Zoom from 25th century

Eobard Thawne was a Scientist known as Professor Zoom from the 25th Century who travelled back in 21st century to kill Barry Allen and change the timeline because he was obsessed with The Flash.

#2. Eobard Thawne is not a Speedster.

As the name suggests ‘Reverse Flash’, Thawne uses the negative speed force i.e. He slows down the time instead of being fast.

#3. Black Flash is a prisoner of Reverse Flash.

In the DC’s Legends of tomorrow season 2, Black flash was seen trying to escape when Thawne incarcerated him in one of the episodes.

#4. Allens were the real ancestor of Reverse Flash.

Barry Allen was born with a twin who was given by a nurse to a Thawne lady whose child was born dead. 

#5. Reverse Flash once become the Clone of Barry Allen.

We have seen Eobard Thawne stealing the identity of Dr. Harrison Wells in CW’s The Flash season 1. However, in the comics when Barry gets entrapped into the speedforce, Reverse Flash steal his identity and come back as Flash publicly.

#6. Did Thawne already travelled the multiverse???

This question seems ambiguous for all the fans because we haven’t seen much about him in the TV series. However, in the night when the man in yellow kills Nora Allen, he was seen running out from a breach similar to the one by which Zoom aka Hunter Zolomon from Earth 2 breached into Earth 1.


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